giovedì 15 novembre 2012

Lingevres 1944

"H-hour for the attack was timed for 10:15 hrs. on the 14th.June 1944. At the same time as the attack on Lingevres was taking place, the 6th.Bn. Durham Light Infantry with the support of B Sqn. 4/7th. RDG. Who would be attacking the neighbouring village of Verrieres. {situated to the north west of Lingevres}. The 9th.Bn. DLI would be supported by 'A' Sqn. 4/7th. RDG. They would have the support of all the Divisional Artillery and support by a fighter squadron of Typhoons, from the air. The infantry would advance behind a creeping barrage, supported by the tanks, and firstly capture the heavily defended woods, then take the village. That was the basic plan. However Colonel Woods had not been given enough time to properly patrol his intended objective and therefore did not fully appreciate the depth and positions of the opposing unit.             Firstly the Artillery and planes gave the woods a good pounding. The typhoons dropping two bombs and firing there 10 rockets into the area. Then Durhams crossed the start line into a large cornfield, at the other end of which was the German held woods. It was a two company attack, 'A' Coy. on the left, 'C' Coy. on the right..."(*)


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