domenica 25 settembre 2016

M106 8° bersaglieri / Ariete 1968 - Fase 3

Hello everyone!

At this stage of the work I have added some details to my 'EI' miniatures in 10mm.  You can see now:
on the M113 and M109 of the 8° bersaglieri / div. Ariete in 1968,
- the italian flag "tricolore" on the front and back;
- the Nato code or "stanag" code;
- the yellow circle containing the vehicle weight on the front (12 ton and 13 ton);
- some shell, made with brass wire;
and, on the mini soldiers,
- the foular of "cremisi" colour.
I'm trying to build now the "piumetto", but for now I have not been able...

sabato 24 settembre 2016

M106 8° bersaglieri / Ariete 1968 - Fase 2

Hello everyone!
For the second stage of my Story, I finished coloring some miniatures: the M106 and a mechanized infantry platoon.
The uniforms of the soldiers would be the camouflage uniforms polychrome M58 (ex M1929) in use in the Italian army until 1975 or so.
To transform the mechanized infantry in 'bersaglieri' I need to the 'piumetto' ..
Meanwhile, I think of how to make it, here are some photos..

venerdì 23 settembre 2016

M106 8° bersaglieri / Ariete 1968 - Fase 1

Fig.1.3: the Black cover
Fig.1.2: textur 2
Fig.1.1: textur 1

Hello everyone!
I finally started to color my 'EI' soldiers.
I started painting with the dark colors and then move on to the clear tones.
I proceed slowly, although these days I have much free time. Here are some photos. The M106 8°Rgt. Bersaglieri / Ariete - 1968..

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