domenica 25 settembre 2016

M106 8° bersaglieri / Ariete 1968 - Fase 3

Hello everyone!

At this stage of the work I have added some details to my 'EI' miniatures in 10mm.  You can see now:
on the M113 and M109 of the 8° bersaglieri / div. Ariete in 1968,
- the italian flag "tricolore" on the front and back;
- the Nato code or "stanag" code;
- the yellow circle containing the vehicle weight on the front (12 ton and 13 ton);
- some shell, made with brass wire;
and, on the mini soldiers,
- the foular of "cremisi" colour.
I'm trying to build now the "piumetto", but for now I have not been able...

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